What’s about this beep game

I never played point and click games. Really strange thing for a 25 year old guy. For the first 20 minutes I thought “The fuck is this game it can’t be fun” but then, after about 14 hours of struggling (not really) I finished it. And it’s wonderful!

Really, It has a great story, not every modern game with 999D graphics could do that. I felt everything what happened on the screen. It’s fun, you want to play more. I never had time to think “This game sucks, I’m stuck, I’m not interested!”. Every “quest” IS easy to solve, if you think a little. And please DON’T SKIP DIALOGS, don’t make same mistake like i did.

I’m greedy beep beep!

It has bunch of references to other games, internet memes, big companies, you can even think that you are in real world (plot twist). Even it has some “piracy is bad” talks, I didn’t buy this game when I started playing it, but when I finished, I immediately bought it from gog. And it worth every ruble I paid for it.

I guarantee it won’t fail. Just go and buy it!

steam gog xbox macOS > 10 / 10 - MrYadro